Over the counter herpes medication v/s natural remedies- which is effective Over the counter herpes medication v/s natural remedies- which is effective

Important Information About Herpes

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that can affect you both physically and mentally. Herpes virus can cause painful blisters and cold sores on the mouth, lips and in genital parts. Herpes is very common disease that is affecting millions of people around the globe.

Having herpes is really annoying and painful situation for any person. Once it enters in your body, it will never leave you. It is highly contagious as it spreads from one person to another through direct as well as indirect contacts.

Click here to know about the signs and symptoms of herpes.

Antiviral Drugs for Herpes

Herpes is an incurable viral infection that is managed with over-the-counter medicines and prescription medications. Topical creams and ointments generally prescribed by doctors are zovirax, denavir, famciclovir and acyclovir. It is true that these drugs or medicines can give you instant relief from the pain and itchiness. anti viral medicinesThey will also reduce the severity of pain and duration of healing as well. They stop the growth of herpes virus and lessen the severity of primary outbreaks.

Beside all these benefits of medicines, one of the facts is that they make your immune system weak. They will give you benefits from outside but slowly damage your internal strength of fighting against diseases. Even in long run, they will start giving you adverse effects such as nausea, vomiting, headache and liver damage. For few benefits no one wants to tolerate lots of adverse effects and lifelong problems.

People use over the counter medicines for herpes because they think that they are effective and they have no other choice. But they are completely wrong; it is due to the lack of knowledge and awareness about other treatment options. Even after introducing so many side effects the antivirals fail to eliminate herpes virus from your body forever. Read more to know about the side-effects of antivirals for herpes patients.

Natural treatment for Herpes

Blessing your body with natural supplements is always a better choice than medicines or drugs. They are best in all aspects; they are effective as well as safe in long term use. Even extensive use of natural remedies cannot give you any kind of side effects. Herbal remedies can help the body to overcome a herpes outbreak. There are number of natural remedies that are known to work rapidly and deeply to relieve the symptoms.

herpes remediesYou can try the natural remedies for herpes treatment like aloe Vera gel, black coffee, neem, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, licorice root, ice compress, essential oils, honey and many more for reducing the herpes symptoms. Each herbal remedy has its unique and special benefits that help you in managing the herpes symptoms. They have many beneficial properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic which help in reducing the pain, redness and speeding the healing process.

You can try these remedies easily at home and they are cost effective. You do not need to spend large amount of money to try these remedies. They can take more efforts than medicines but they will never disappoint you. They tackle the root cause of the disease and save you from both existing and future outbreaks. Intake of fiber and lysine rich diet will make your immune system strong which is the essential part when you are going to cure herpes virus. With the help of some simple lifestyle, diet changes and herbal remedies you can live with herpes in peace.


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