Herpes Infection And Its Several Myths Herpes Infection And Its Several Myths

Herpes – Types Of Herpes

Herpes infection is an infection caused by a family of virus that are named after Herpes Simplex. Sometimes you might have feel cold sores, blisters, itching, eczema in different part of your body. This could be Herpes infection.
Herpes viruses are a type of viruses that mainly affects your skin and herpes-on-neckoften causes unwanted symptoms that you don’t want at any stage of your life. These virus are very stubborn and they don’t know a single letter of the word mercy. If once these virus entered in your body then there is no way to get rid of this virus completely. Your immune system is not that potential to through it out from your body. Therefore once these virus have entered in your body may remain in your body forever. There is no known way to cure this virus. There are two types of herpes virus. Type one virus is called Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and also abbreviated as HSV-1. This virus generally infects your mouth and its surrounding area. This infection causes cold sores, painful blisters and pustules, temperature, redness on the infected skin and lesions. These symptoms can be very heart breaking as it generates dirty lesions and wound on your skin and you often restrain yourself in a limited area. You don’t want anyone to see your dirty face and this may pout you in deep inferiority complex.

Genital Herpes

Outbreak of this virus happens when you kiss each other, if you share same utensils to eat, if you share contaminated stuff like lipstick, lip balm etc. So prevention is better than cure as these virus are very contagious and anyone who is having herpes infection may put you in danger and you may also get this infection. Type two virus also called as Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and also abbreviated as HSV-2 is a type of virus that generally affects your genitals or reproductive part. Symptoms of herpes may include blisters,
pimples, unbearable itching, redness and painful lesions. Like type one virus this virus also gives almost same symptoms. Symptoms of type two virus can also be very frustrating and it may also put you in depression. It can affect your sexual life such as if you are having this virus then its recommended to not to have sex because your uninfected partner may get this virus. There less information available for herpes and that is why it leads so many myths to air. These myths have nothing to do with herpes but still these myths are often being related to herpes. These myths are :herpes-simplex

Herpes infection is rare :

In the lack of information people often think that this infection is r-re and why only they have got this virus but that’s not true. Almost 80-90% people of the world population are affected with this virus. So saying that why only you got this virus may not be a wise thinking. You might have seen herpes infectious people around you but you didn’t recognize them just because they were not having symptoms. Its just that unfortunately symptoms have arisen in you.

Only a certain age group get this infection :

Not so true. Anyone whether it is a toddler, a youngster or an old man can get this virus. There is no a specific age group that are to blame for getting this virus. Anyone who have had unprotected sex is at higher risk of getting this virus. This infection can also be called as Sexual Transmitted Disease.

It is fully treatable disease :

how-herpes-spreadNo so true. In fact once this virus entered in your body may remain in your body till your last breath. It is a false commitment If anyone who assure you to treat this virus permanently. It can be treated but partially.

People with this virus cannot have child :

Although it is true that herpes infection affects your sexual life but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a child. This virus in not always infectious. This virus has nothing do to with your fetusa and you can easily get a child when you and your partner are not infectious anymore.

Herpes is passed through blood :

Actually herpes virus doesn’t present in blood so there is no chance of getting this infection through blood.

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