Herpes and Its pshycological Effects Herpes and Its pshycological Effects

Herpes – A Common Skin Disease

Herpes sometimes also referred as herpes simplex is an infection that is caused by a group of two viruses that are known to infect distinctive part of your skin. This is a virus that has wrapped up around 70-85% people across the world and according to a study these numbers are likely to rise in upcoming decades. It can appear in various part of your body but mainly it affects your mouth and genitals. This virus can be lethal for a new-born baby and for those whose immune system is weak. hsv1 for herpesAs discussed above there are two types of herpes virus. Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and often abbreviated as HSV-1 is type one virus from herpes family that usually impacts on your mouth and it’s surrounded area like lips, nose, eyes chin or tongue.  Symptoms of this virus generally don’t appear at its initial stage and can be seen in around 5-10 days after being infected. Symptoms of this virus are cold sores, painful blisters and pustules, itching, temperature, redness on the skin and irritation. These symptoms can be very irritating physically. Herpes Simplex Virus 2 often abbreviated as HSV-2 is a type of virus that generally affects your genitals and its surrounded area like thighs, vulva, penis, buttock and anus.

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Symptoms Of Genital Herpes

There are many symptoms that are as same as type one virus but we will discuss about those which are distinctive from type 1 and those symptoms are pain during urination, pain during having sex, fluid filled blisters and pustules that causes lesions.
Both type of virus can disturb you physically but when it comes to herpespsychological effect this virus can be more lethal than that of physical. There is no cure available for this virus and once these viruses have entered in you then there is no way to pull out this virus from your body. Even your immune system is not mighty enough to fight against these viruses and it can’t kill these viruses. When people who are infected by this virus come to know the above factors they often think of suicide. Herpes is not considered as life threatening but it is a silent killer. People with this virus often become victims of inferiority complex and think of taking their lives. They even think that this is a rare infection and why only they have been infected by this virus but that’s not true.

You Are Not Alone With Herpes Virus

As above discussed almost 70-85 % people across the world have been infected by this virus therefore thinking that you are the only one who have this virus would be misconception, there are so many others who are also in your shoe. It’s just that they don’t have symptoms of this virus but unfortunately symptoms have arisen in you. People’s psychological state of mind gets affected by this virus and especially those get affected who are socially active. Those people often restrain themselves into a room or at an isolated place where no one could see them. They don’t want anyone to see their infection as it is very dirty to look at. These are the psychological symptoms that an infected people face throughout its life.

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